How students learn at KS4

Confident, Responsible, Innovative and Engaged

Personal Coaching Group Sessions and Daily PREP
Each day there is a 30 minute PREP session where students ‘Recap, Revise and Prepare’. Students reflect on the work they have completed during the past day and identify any gaps in learning, save examples of their very best work in their digital portfolio and prepare for the next day's lessons. Also, Personal Coaching Group Sessions can take place at least once a week during this time.
Additional Activities
These take several forms:
Intensive Learning Sessions
These are subject specific sessions to ensure that all the exam content is covered, and allows for deeper confidence of fundamental aspects of the subject.
Industry and experience
Students follow the business programme developed by Space Studio. This aligns students with companies to develop solutions to problems that have been posed by the organisations. 
Core project
This is at the heart of the key stage 4 curriculum, students will apply content for science and maths through these contextualised learning sessions. 
Real Work
This will involve a work placement or a work related activity
Discreet Subject Learning
To ensure students are well-prepared for their GCSE exams, discrete lessons are taught each week in each exam subject.