How students learn at KS5 (Post 16)

Confident, Responsible, Innovative and Engaged

The Key Stage 5 student week - The proportion of learning time for activity

Personal Coaching 1:1
This is individually conducted either within the Electives block or during a Core Project block
30 minutes per week
Daily PREP
Each day there is a 30 minute PREP session where students ‘Recap, Revise and Prepare’. Students reflect on the work they have completed during the past day and identify any gaps in learning, save examples of their very best work in their digital portfolio and prepare for the next day's lessons. Also, Personal Coaching Group Sessions can take place at least once a week during this time.

30 minutes a day
Students suggest six week modules of activities they would like to study to support their general development. Examples include: Latin, basic psychology, media, careers/UCAS support. Students following GCSE re-sits will utilise these sessions
Up to three Learning Sessions
= 4 hours
Real Work
This will involve a work placement or a work related activity
Up to one day per week
= 5 hours
Additional Studies:
2 hours of Extended Project in a week
One Learning Session
= 2 hours
Core Project Activity
Each week there are two learning sessions devoted to project-based learning
Learning Sessions
= 4 hours
Discrete Subject Learning
Five learning sessions of an hour in length Per subject.
Three subjects at 5 Learning Sessions
= 15 hours