The Aspirations Profile

This is central to everything we do in Aspirations Academies. We aim to embed the three Guiding Principles and the 8 Conditions that Make a Difference into everything our academies do and provide a great amount of training and support for leaders, teachers, pupils, governors and parents to help them understand aspirations and how to develop them fully.

8 Conditions Poster

‘The ability to dream about the future, while being inspired in the present to reach those dreams’.

If we can get children and staff to have big dreams, but to understand that they need to work hard in the present to achieve them, then they will have high aspirations.

The Aspirations ethos

Aspirations is the ability to dream about the future while being inspired in the present to reach those dreams. The Aspirations Academies Trust was set up in England with the vision to combine the thirty years of educational research by Dr. Russ Quaglia on student aspirations with effective and innovative school improvement techniques in order to create truly outstanding schools that would fully prepare students to succeed in this exciting world. Central to the philosophy of the Aspirations Academies Trust is the innovative Aspirations Framework developed by the Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations (QISA) which outlines the belief that for all students to have high Aspirations, three Guiding Principles must be present: Self-Worth, Active Engagement, and Purpose. These Guiding Principles direct the development of educational experiences from the individual classroom to the entire school building. The Three Guiding Principles, in turn, are lived out through 8 Conditions that emphasise relationships, active and engaging teaching and learning, and a sense of responsibility over one's own aims and goals. The 8 Conditions are: Belonging, Heroes, Sense of Accomplishment, Fun & Excitement, Curiosity & Creativity, Spirit of Adventure, Leadership & Responsibility & Confidence to Take Action. Students who have high aspirations believe in themselves, are meaningfully engaged in their learning and the life of the school, and work with intention toward their goals.

Our Aspirations Academies have a commitment to make certain that all young people achieve their fullest academic potential and become responsible citizens. To achieve this goal we are dedicated to promoting and putting into practice the Three Guiding Principles and 8 Conditions that foster student aspirations. Each Academy strives to ensure that all students have the opportunity to discover and appreciate their endless promise for a successful future. The Aspirations Academies Trust considers that its beliefs and principles are applicable and effective with students from age 3 to 18. Each stage of a child’s education is extremely important - pre-school, primary and secondary - and should, where possible be coherent across the phases of education in the practice of developing the principles and conditions central to the beliefs and aims of the Aspirations Academies Trust. For this reason, we support primary, secondary and, where possible, all through (Ages 3-18) academies. At whatever stage a child joins an Aspirations Academy, whether it is at the age of three or sixteen, the aim is to provide each individual child with the best possible life chance. This is done through the achievement of the highest level of qualifications, the development of skills essential to success in an inter-connected and highly competitive world, as well as encouraging the highest aspirations, expecting every student to gain a place at university or enter skilled employment.