Meeting an Olympian!

Year 7 PE students from Banbury Academy visited Space Studio Banbury to meet Olympic Skier, Tim Dudgeon who competed in the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan in the Mogul competition. Mogul skiers race down a very bumpy downhill course at up to 50mph and perform amazing backward somersaults with twists at up to 25 feet in the air!

Tim showed the students videos and explained about the rigors of training and the many knee injuries sustained by skiers. He went on to describe his invention of an interactive ski and snowball fitness machine called a 'Bodycarver'.  The students were really engaged with everything he had to say and they gave some very funny and excellent answers to questions.

Yinch Yeap from the SSB Virtual Reality Suite has been working with Tim and Woodway, a specialist treadmill maker who made the treadmill on the International Space Station, on the software for Tim's Bodycarver. The machine uses the latest generation interactive software and manufacture to provide unique training for skiers and snowboarders within a gym, at home or in competition with other users. It aims to replicate the movement needed to strengthen leg muscles, stamina and balance without the boredom of conventional exercise and can be applied to many sports including skiing, snowballing, surfing, rollerballing, skateboarding and windsurfing. Tim is visiting California this month to promote his ultimate training machine in America. We wish him every success in his venture.


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