Election Hustings and Voting

On Wednesday 7 June,  Banbury Academy and Space Studio Banbury students held a hustings; a meeting at which candidates in an election address potential voters. They manned stalls representing each of the main political parties and invited the rest of the students to go and speak to them about their party’s policies and debate their manifestos.

On General Election day, Thursday 8 June, to give students a taste of the experience of voting, all students will be a able to cast their vote in our mock election, collecting a ballot paper and entering one of the voting partitions to cast their vote before folding their paper and posting in the ballot box, just as they would in a real election.

The final result of the Banbury Academy and Space Studio Banbury vote was:

Labour – 277                       (53.5%)
Conservative – 76               (14.7%)
UKIP – 69                           (13.3%)
Greens – 46                        (8.9%)
Lib Dems – 38                     (7.4%)

Spoilt Papers – 12

Total votes cast:  517

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