Students star on BBC Oxford

Martin Easthaugh, reporter for BBC OXFORD’S Breakfast show came along to chat to SSB students early in the morning on Wednesday, 13 December.  He was discussing the first interstellar asteroid that was detected in November.  This is the first time an object from outside our solar system has been detected in our solar system.  Pretty interesting. 

BBC Oxford were discussing it on Wednesday morning because the Breakthrough Listen Project, which searches for signals that may have been sent by intelligent extra-terrestrial life, were directing the Green Bank Radio Telescope towards the asteroid – named Oumuamua.  The Green Bank telescope will spend 10 hours tracking and listening for any possible artificial signal coming from Oumuamua.

Martin chatted to students and interviewed Holly and Harry, asking their thoughts on whether we should try to contact aliens to what kind of alien they would or wouldn’t want to make contact with.  We featured in 4 separate segments across David Prever’s 3 hour breakfast show.  Both Holly and Harry were fantastic.  If you’d like to listen to them please use the BBC IPlayer.  Whilst the whole show was entertaining if you don’t have 3 hours but would like to hear Holly and Harry, listen to the sections at 21 min, 57 min 15s, 1hr 22min, 2hr 53 min.

Martin was very impressed with our school and all the students he met.

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