Aston Martin visit

Students from Space Studio Banbury were very lucky to be invited to Aston Martin for a tour around the plant and to meet their engineers.

Holly said: "Personally, I really enjoyed the Aston Martin trip. We were lucky enough to have a tour around the whole factory seeing machinery we had never seen before, like the interior cutter which as its name suggests cuts the design of the car interior. It is quite amazing!

The trip made me want to do more engineering in the future and to go into a job involving engineering."

Aston Martin engineer, Bal also came into school to promote engineering as a future career.

Anthony commented: "At lunch time, we heard the rev of an engine which signalled to the whole school the we had a visitor. Bal came to talk to Year 10 from SSB as well as some lucky Year 9  and 10 students from Banbury Academy. Bal is an engineer at Aston Martin.  It was really good to find out about his job and one thing that really got us thinking was when he said ‘doesn’t matter where you work as long as you enjoy it’. Finally we each got to take home some bookmarks made from Aston Martin leather."



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