Virtual Reality with Hill View Primary

Space Studio Banbury linked up with Hill View Primary School to offer children a brilliant opportunity to explore their learning topic, 'Space - the Truth is Out There' in greater depth.

“Three experiences were on offer: an exploration of the surface of Mars (based on actual Curiosity mission data); Planet Arranger (designed by a sixth-form student as a brilliant interactive learning tool for the order of our solar system); and a space-walk around the International Space Station - Earth hanging to one side, and a shuttle and the Hubble space Telescope thrown in!

Each experience was immersive, impressive in its detail, and even convincingly disorientating! The children were (sometimes literally) bowled over. Learning about the solar system around us was suddenly not just a theoretical exercise, not simply an abstract idea badly conveyed with different sized balls and string, but a virtually real place to visit, explore and learn. Short of actually smuggling themselves aboard a rocket, it was the closest that most of the children will probably ever get to leaving the Earth's cosy atmosphere. Our topic was enriched, the children's engagement and learning was expanded, an unreachable experience was brought down to Earth and into their lives.

All staff at Space Studio were friendly, efficient and accommodating. Suffice to say, Hill View will be in touch again to see where Virtual Reality can take our children in the future.”

Mr Travis, Science Leader, Hill View Primary

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