Construction Careers event

Students from Space Studio and Banbury Academy had the opportunity to discover the many career paths available in the construction industry during a student-organised apprenticeship fair. The construction careers event was organised by eight Year 12 students as part of their Aspirations Employability Portfolio (AEP). They worked with the Apprenticeship and Training Company Ltd to bring a selection of construction related employers to the school to provide advice and hands on experiences. The event also set out to highlight the subjects that are both needed and relevant to various construction jobs and pathways into their chosen construction career.

Michelle Patterson, apprenticeship co-ordinator for The Apprentice and Training Company, said: “What we’re aiming to do is to bring construction-based local companies into the school to give the students a flavour of different careers within construction. They can get an idea of what qualifications they need for various roles. A lot of people have preconceived ideas about construction, that it’s just hard hats and hi-vis jackets.”

Among the exhibitors were Sanctuary Housing, Trade School and Cherwell District Council. Tracey Thomas, an economic growth officer and a member of the planning team with CDC, said: “We’re here to get students to understand that construction isn’t just the messy trades but there’s the strategic and planning aspects, from the initial idea until contractors go on site.”

The event was open to other secondary schools in the area. Lauryn Wareing, a Year 12 student and one of the organisers, said: “I think it’s gone really well. The kids who have been here seem to have enjoyed it quite a lot. They got a lot of people interested in the practical stuff. She added: “On the survey quite a few people said it has changed their mind and they are a bit more interested in what’s going on in construction.”

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