NASA Trip of a Lifetime

Stop press: This year's talented winners have just been announced; they are: Harry M., Joshua A., Ryan S. and Mary O. They will be fundraising for their trip - please support them. Follow their trip here:  

BBC Radio Oxford
Lilley Mitchell of BBC Radio Oxford met Harry, Mary, Josh and Ryan before they headed to the US to visit the key sites for space exploration. Listen here:
Their interview is between 1:30 in to 1:46.

Year 12 students from schools in the Aspirations Academies Trust with a keen interest in space have the opportunity to apply to attend a funded field trip to see the American space industry located in Texas and Florida, run by Space Education Adventures.

The aim of this visit is for the students to experience and understand what it is like to be working at the frontier of science, and to meet the engineers, scientists and astronauts who will take humanity to the moon, Mars and beyond.

Through reflecting on past successes and failures and looking to the future technologies the study visit will hopefully inspire the participants into reaching for the stars and being part of this new mission of exploration.

The participants will be expected to record the experience through diaries and images to allow them to share it with a wider community whilst in America and on their return.

Whilst in Houston we hope that personnel from Johnson Space Centre will join us in the evening. Depending on operational commitments we will dine with Astronauts and engineers from both present missions as well as veteran members of the Astronaut Corps.

The KSC experience includes hands-on activities such as the Astronaut Training Experience, tours and input from astronauts and space scientists.

KSC is based in a huge wildlife reserve that is home to alligators, armadillos, manatees, and an enormous range of other wildlife. Its neighbour is Cape Canaveral, the home of the early US space programme and the current launch site for satellites and probes that explore other planets and the far reaches of the solar system.

Students have to win the right to be part of this amazing experience. They have to write a letter of application and also go through a rigorous interview process, the initial set of students will be whittled down to the last four truly worthy students.

NASA Students 2017 trip
The photo shows our lucky winners from last year.

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