Space Balloons launched!

It was a very exciting day at SSB when we launched several space balloons into nearspace as a culmination of the Year 11 Core Project with European Astrotech. Students sent up experiments to investigate how the balloons would react in sub-zero temperatures and radio active environments. We invited parents, governors and our prospective Year 10 students from Banbury Academy to the launch. Due to the windy conditions the balloons were successful in getting nearly 30km up into space and landed in Sherwood Forest! Huge thanks to Apos and his company Rational and Immersive Experience for sponsoring this fantastic project.

Read Anotonios and Toben's report on the retrieval of the space balloons
On the first mission to retrieve the Space fruit payload (or what remained of it) we went into a National Trust park. We felt it unlikely that we would gain access to the park with our unlikely story of a Space balloon retrieval. However Sami, who was part of the Euro tech team and a National Trust member, was thankfully with us. Although after locating the balloon we discovered we had been locked in! We waited for a while and thankfully got out when someone came and opened it!

The second half of the mission, lead us to Sherwood Forest– or so we thought. The yogi antennae which enabled the balloon to be located exactly, took us further and we ended up in a farmyard. We had to retrieve the payload whist walking around the field to avoid ruining the crops. Jonathan was very good at helping pinpointing the exact location with us.

It was a lot of fun and an interesting journey. Having got the pictures and memories as well as seeing the GoPro footage on the ground, we would like to say on behalf of our teams that it was one of the most enjoyable projects carried out and say thank you to Apos, European Astrotech, and all of the parents, governors, teachers and students who helped to make this experience possible.


About European Astrotech
In 2013 European Astrotech started research and development for an educational outreach program involving High Altitude Balloons. The UK has a thriving space sector with a wide range of career opportunities that most school students are unaware of. Space Balloons by EAL is designed to inspire and educate students about the space industry and give them first hand experience at preparing and executing their own mission to nearspace.

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