Fantastic Prague Trip

19 students from SSB, ranging from Year 9 to Year 13, had a  fantastic four day trip to Prague. They toured the city to get their bearings then visited the castle, a glass factory, the Skoda factory, film studios and the Petrin tower. They were impressed with the astronomical clock and the stunning buildings of Prague.

They saw the similarities and differences between the handmade glass factory and the massive highly automated car plant. In the glass factory, a team of 8 would work together on one piece and if there was a problem no one would get paid for the piece.

In the car factory, the roles had to be swopped around as otherwise the repetitive tasks would cause health problems. They all agreed they would rather work in a team than in the car plant despite the perks available for the car workers.  At the film studios, they got the chance to dress up in some of the costumes from their vast collection and James found a  suitcase that he could have brought his mum along in!
They also had a river cruise, and those that had the energy saw the city from the top of the Petrin tower (300 steps to get to the top).





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