TERC - Robotics competition

The Year 9 Engineering class participated in a robotics competition at Warwick Trident college on Monday 4th March. The challenges we took part in included team building, speed and many more.

Firstly, we got our robots to line up on a mat on the table showing the starting and ending distance, we used this to see how quickly our robots travelled to the end line.

The second activity required team building skills where we all gave ideas and we had to build a ball for Lego people to safely stay in whilst going down a slope. We did this successfully and worked together as a team.

Thirdly, we got to show our robot off, showing its skills and what our robot can do. Cameron was our lead engineer and he made lots of changes during the day to his design.

Finally, we presented our research on the use of robots in humanitarian aid to three engineers. We enjoyed working with the Lego and learned new skills.

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