Japanese visiting students

We had some Japanese students that came to SSB to show us some of their Japanese traditions. One of these traditions is making origami sculptures. They showed us how to make a Japanese bird called a crane along with a rose and a ninja star. We even got to have a go at making them.

Fatima said, “Thanks to the Japanese students who made our day! It was really nice having them here and they were really friendly.”

Our visitors got to explore VR with Mr Yeap and built LEGO spacecrafts with the students who had been to NASA. Together we got to do boro. This is another Japanese tradition that reuses old fabrics. We had collected old jeans and the Japanese students brought some fabric with them. Together we made a patched hanging.

“Having the Japanese students here was so fun, it was so interesting how much English they knew and how much they interacted with us. They presented themselves towards us in a friendly and caring way.” said Cordelia.



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