Rocket-making at Harriers

On the 15th March, our NASA Sixth Formers made a much-anticipated return to Harriers Banbury Academy for an exciting rocket-making session after their assembly a few weeks ago. Toben, Callum, Soniya and Jonathan were immediately recognised by many of the Year 4 pupils ('It's the NASA people!'), which must have made them feel a little bit like celebrities. It was clear that the excitement of their first visit had not yet faded, as the students were still full of questions that our SSB students were keen to     answer. After a short introduction to the session (accompanied by a wonderfully put together instructional video, showing that the process was not exactly rocket science...), the Year 4 pupils got on with making their paper rockets, practicing their cutting and sticking skills.

The Sixth Formers were incredibly supportive and ensured the children were working safely. Once the rockets were all finished and decorated, we headed to the playground for the grand finale: the rocket launch! The children all joined in with the pumping of the launchers and the countdown to take-off, before watching their creations be blasted across the playing fields at high speed.

Overall, the afternoon was a fantastic success!

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