Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs
At Space Studio Banbury we are committed to meeting the special educational needs of our students and ensuring that they make good progress. In line with the Aspirations Academies Trust's core belief of encouraging all students to have high aspirations through belief in themselves, active engagement in their learning, and seeing the connection between what they learn today and who they want to become tomorrow, we aim to provide relevant support to all of our students with special educational needs in order that they can access and realise this aim.

What sorts of Special Educational Needs do we cater for?
We are a totally inclusive, non­selective school and so we endeavour to cater for all special educational needs which are usually met in mainstream schools.

What happens when a student arrives at Space Studio Banbury with known special educational needs?
Once a need for special educational support has been identified an in depth initial meeting will take place between the SENCo, the student and his or her parents or carers. We recognise at Space Studio Banbury that the student and his or her parents or carers know the student better than anyone else and have a wealth of knowledge, understanding and experience relating to how a students works and what has been successful in the past. We want to tap into that knowledge and use it to allow the student to make the best possible start with us.

During this initial first meeting we will write the pupil profile. This is a document used by teachers and support staff to inform their planning for a particular student. It consists of two parts. The first part is the pupil voice document. This allows the student to explain in their own terms why and with what they may need extra support, what their strengths are, and what helps and hinders them with their learning. The second part details a description of the student's special educational needs drawn from the available data and strategies staff can use to help support the student. It also lists expected outcomes for the student during the first term. This document is written collaboratively during the meeting with input from all present.

Who should I speak to if I think my son or daughter has a special educational need?
We encourage all parents to be in regular contact with the school and the SENCo can be contacted directly by email: jwilliams@wykhampark-aspirations.org, or by telephoning the school to make an appointment.

What is the local offer?
The local offer provides information on what services children, young people and their families can access from a range of local agencies. Details about the local offer can be found on the Oxfordshire county council website, here.

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