Welcome from the Principal

Ms Sylvia Thomas-webWelcome to Space Studio Banbury (SSB), a small school by design, located in a region that is home to world famous employers at the leading edge of engineering and technology. As parents/carers, you will be looking to give your talented children the best chance to succeed in later life. You live less than an hour away from the renowned Harwell Campus, which is home to around 200 science/research organisations and private companies, with thriving clusters already established in 5 Core Sectors:

  • Space and Satellite Applications
  • Life Sciences and Healthcare
  • Big Data and Supercomputing
  • Energy and Environment
  • Advanced Engineering and Materials

This campus alone is looking to employ over 900 people each year. Come to study at SSB and you will have unparalleled access to a range of local employers.

Our goal is to become the premier educational provider in the wider region for those with a deep interest and aptitude in maths and science and their application in the real world. We will equip your child with not only the academic qualifications needed to gain a foothold in the world of work, but also the “soft skills” that employers are increasingly demanding from their workforce. Our core projects, co-constructed with local employers, give the students the chance to work in teams, develop creativity and communicate with a range of audiences, whilst tackling real life problems.

SSB operates in a different way to a conventional school. For example, we run a longer school day with sessions that demand students are able to manage their own learning. Our approach will suit those who are looking to take more responsibility for their learning; who are able to adapt and be resilient when faced when challenges; and who are keen to work in collaboration with others.

If you have a child who is looking to push their own boundaries when it comes to maths and science; who is interested in applying their learning in real life contexts; and who aspires to be one of the next generation of industrial leaders and pioneers we are the school for them.

We look forward to meeting you and supporting you in that journey.

Sylvia Thomas
Principal of Banbury Aspirations Campus