Year 12 trip to Heathrow Airport

Heathrow photos

On the 27th of September, as a part of our research into the tunnel to be built at Heathrow Airport, we visited the worksite. The day consisted of a tour through a currently developing tunnel; this gave us an idea of the process that goes into making a tunnel. This will allow us to estimate how our tunnel will be built, the structure of it and the materials that will go into it. We were also given a talk through the equipment used; again this allowed us to see the process that goes into making a tunnel like the one that we want to build. We could also analyse what we liked and what we disliked. Later on in the day, we witnessed the work of a crane, the tools that were often used and the safety that is required to use them. We were able to see the physical labour that goes into manually building a tunnel, giving us an idea how much effort is put into it and how much we should replicate their enthusiasm. 

Our visit to Heathrow acted as a part of our research as rather than searching the equipment, skills and process online, we had the chance to see first-hand what was happening. Changes to our design and the process we wanted to apply to our tunnel, will be changed accordingly after this trip. We have been introduced to alternative methods of building and transforming the tunnels, and these methods will be represented through our work.

Rebecca Yeomans, Year 12