Space Studio Banbury expects all of its students to be smartly and safely dressed.

Jumpers are not compulsory but if they are worn they must be the Space Studio Banbury version which can be purchased from Cross Embroidery/Sew Sublime. 

Boys and Girls

Black blazer with embroidered Space Studio logo with:-

Either: Or:
1. White shirt with school clip on tie.

Black Shalwar Khameez with either:

  • a long black scarf
  • a longer black scarf with a headband
2. Black tailored “school” trousers or pleated skirt. 2. Black tailored “school” trousers or pleated skirt.
3. Space Studio jumper (Black with red stripe) 3. Space Studio jumper (Black with red stripe)
4. Black "school" shoes that can be polished (no boots). 4. Black "school" shoes that can be polished (no boots).

Blazers must be worn all year round. Jumpers are non-compulsory but if students want to wear a jumper
under their blazer it must be the school jumper as indicated in number 3 above.

Additional points:


  • Shirts must be able to be buttoned to the neck
  • Coloured or patterned garments worn underneath the shirt should not be visible

Trousers - must be tailored school trousers

  • Jeans, jean-like trousers, heavy cotton trousers, “chinos”, leggings, or any other casual trousers are not acceptable and embellishments such as studs are not permitted.

Uniform Pleated SkirtsSkirts

  • Must be of a pleated style (please see examples).  Jersey and other clingy or tight fitting skirts are not acceptable
  • Skirts should reach at least the mid-point between the thigh and the knee

    See the Uniform for Girls guide for acceptable skirts and trousers for girls, together with price and store information.


  • Extremes of fashion footwear are not allowed due to the spread out nature of the site and health and safety considerations
  • Shoes should be either leather or plastic that can be polished (not canvas, suede, woollen or any other material)
  • Trainers are not acceptable except for PE
  • Boots are not allowed.  However, if students wish to wear them to walk to school and change into shoes when they arrive, we will provide somewhere for them to store them as we appreciate that some students do have a long walk


  • Clip on School ties fastened within the collar and with the top button secure
  • Blazers must be worn all year round,
  • Jumpers are non-compulsory but if students want to wear a jumper under their blazer it must be the school jumper as detailed in number 3 above.
  • Cardigans are not acceptable
  • “Hoodies” and sweatshirts are not allowed in school and cannot be worn as coats
  • Denim jackets are not allowed in school and cannot be worn instead of weatherproof coats
  • Socks must be plain black or white 
  • No piercings are allowed, other than a pair of earring studs
  • Please note that these will need to be removed for PE and DT and remain the student’s responsibility
  • A wristwatch and one signet ring are the only other jewellery allowed 
  • Extremes of fashion in hair styles and make up are not accepted. If hair is dyed, it must be a single “natural” colour. (The decision about what is acceptable lies with the Principal)
  • No false eyelashes.
  • Excessively long nails, either false or natural, coloured nail polish or false nails of any kind are not allowed.

The Space Studio blazer, jumper and ties are available from Cross Embroidery and Sew Sublime, but all other items can be bought from any retailer (as well as these two companies).

Sports Kit

  • Space Studio Banbury PE shirt (unisex)
  • Space Studio Banbury PE socks
  • Black shorts or black jogging bottoms (not leggings)
  • Sports trainers

For KS4 students there is a requirement for a school PE kit to be purchased.  Students must wear a Space Studio Banbury PE top, red/black socks (available from Cross Embroidery) and black shorts or black jogging bottoms.

If your child has an injury which prevents them participating in the practical aspects of a PE lesson they are still expected to bring their kit and take part in the lesson. This might be that they score, give feedback to their peers on a skill they are learning, learn to umpire etc. Their PE teacher will use their professional judgement in deciding what is appropriate for each individual child. Only in exceptional circumstances will a student with an injury be placed in a classroom during a PE lesson. If a student forgets their kit they will be expected to wear our laundered school PE kit. We view this as part of their “equipment” which we expect them to bring to school in order to fully participate in the learning opportunities we provide. PE lessons provide all students with the chance to exercise, but in addition they are learning vital skills, such as team work, communication skills, humility in defeat etc. 

N.B. Boys and Girls - Trainers and clothes used for PE MUST NOT be worn for general school use.

Naming of Clothing

We encourage parents to name all items of clothing with sewn-in name tags or indelible pen.

Please note:
Space Studio Banbury fully endorses the principle that the school’s uniform should be affordable for everyone, ensuring that no student or family is socially excluded through inability to buy.  Accordingly, the majority of the uniform can be bought ‘off the peg’ from any high street outlet or supermarket; the only items which need to be purchased from local specialist suppliers, Cross Embroidery or Sew Sublime, being the blazer, jumper, tie and  PE shirt, shorts and socks.  The blazer is competitively priced, retailing at around a similar cost to those available from high street outlets and supermarkets (but without the required Space Studio badge).

Space Studio Banbury is committed to an annual appraisal of the uniform’s cost in order to ensure that it continues to be affordable for everyone.

We retain the right to send students home to change, if not in full school uniform. This is made explicit to parents by means of the Home/Space Studio Agreement: 

  1. The School – we will: have high expectations for uniform, jewellery and PE kit  - we will enforce our uniform policy
  2. Student - I will: wear full school uniform, as detailed in the uniform policy and be tidy in appearance
  3. Parent(s)/Carer(s) - I/We will: ensure that my/our child wears full uniform, as detailed in the uniform policy and understand that he/she will be sent home to change or internally suspended if inappropriately dressed

The Principal, on behalf of the Governing Body, will make the final decision regarding what is permissible at Space Studio Banbury.