Help Zone

General health UK based charity that provides free, confidential support for young people under 25 via online, social and mobile. Information and advice covering mental health, sex and relationships, drink and drugs, study, crime.  General health info from Great Ormond Street Hospital. 4-18yrs.  Eat well, Move More, Live Longer  Interactive quiz to see how healthy you are Health advice for young women Health advice for young men Fun, interactive site covering all aspects of teenage health Great site with loads of links for activities and support in Oxfordshire  Advice on bedwetting Child Exploitation Online Protection Agency OXME: Boombox and Oxcentric are run by Oxfordshire County Council for children and young people living in Oxfordshire.
Emotional Health Young person friendly downloadable videos, podcasts & leaflets on all aspects of emotional health: anger, depression, self harm Downloadable leaflets on emotional and mental health
Coping with Self Harm - A Guide for Parents and Carers Developed by the University of Oxford
Smoking, drugs and alcohol Help to quit Information and advice about drugs Oxfordshire drug and alcohol help and support for young people
Sexual health Information on contraception and STI's Advice, information and details of local services Was RU thinking Video clips of real stories from real young people
Abuse Oxfordshire website for those affected by domestic abuse Young person friendly site about domestic abuse Free and confidential help and advice about a range of issues Advice on what to do if you, or someone you know, is being bullied Advice on what to do if you, or someone you know, is being bullied Online safety: what to do if something goes wrong
Cyber Bullying What to do if you are a victim of cyber bullying with useful telephone numbers and advice Oxfordshire Safeguarding Childrens Board  Ditto Online safety free e-magazine.