Student Absence
Attendance Office: Year 10 - Year 11

Telephone 01295 257942

or email:

Please contact with name, mentor group and reason for absence by 8 am on every day of absence, followed up with a letter signed by the parent when the child returns to school.

All students must remain on school site during the school day, unless permission has been granted to leave, in the form of a note from the student’s parent/carer for doctor, hospital or dental appointments. A permission acknowledgement form (Exit Form) will be provided to the student as proof that we are aware of the absence when they sign out with Reception. If a student feels unwell during the school day they should report to Reception. If a student is late to school they must sign in at reception.

Sixth Form Absence

Telephone 01295 251451 x128

or email the Sixth Form Secretary

Staff Absence
Please telephone before 7.30 am on each day of your absence giving a reason for your absence

All Staff - Telephone Karen Tibbetts-Reeves on
01295 251451 x139
or direct line 01295 225209