Reporting to Parents

2018-19 Overview of Parents’ Evenings

  Parents’ Evenings
Year 10 Thursday 28 February
Progress Reports will be given out at Parents' Evening.
Year 11 Thursday 15 November
Progress Reports will be given out at Parents' Evening.
Year 12 Thursday 21 March
Progress Reports will be given out at Parents' Evening.
Year 13 Thursday 21 March
Progress Reports will be given out at Parents' Evening.

During the year information is reported to parents in different formats:

  • All Year Groups have a Parents’ Evening
  • Years 10-11 will have Academic Mentoring  Meetings to which parents are invited
  • Years 10 to 13 will have 3 sets of progress reports at different Assessment Points (APs) throughout the year; these update parents on students’ academic progress and their responsibility for learning
  • Years 11 will receive PPE (mock examination) results for all subjects the second week in January and English and maths PPE results the third week in April.
  • Year 12 will receive PPE results the second week in January.
  • Year 13  will receive PPE results the second and third week in January.
  • GCSE results are published Thursday 15 August 2019.
  • A and AS level results are published Thursday 22 August 2019.

Progress Reports
These reports communicate student end of Key Stage target level, current attainment data and responsibility for learning data, as well as a comment about whether the student is on track to meet their end of Key Stage target level/grade or not.

Criteria for reports (Years 10 to 13)
The following information is given as guidance for staff about the information contained in reports.

1. End of Key Stage Target Grade
The TG is the grade or level that a student should aim to achieve or exceed by the end of the Key Stage, based on prior attainment data.

2. Current Level
This is the current attainment of the student; based on accurate, moderated assessments completed during or just prior to calendared assessment weeks. Copies of the assessments on which the levels are based will be clearly indicated in the student’s exercise book or assessment folders.

3. Progress Towards Target (Years 10-11)
Teachers’ prediction as to whether, based on their current performance, the student is on track to not meet/  meet or exceed their end of Key Stage TG.