Careers Advice: information and taster days

 A selection of useful links and careers advice:

National Healthcare Weekend
Are you interested in a career in healthcare? Hundreds of healthcare professionals from across the UK will be presenting and networking with students who are interested in:

Veterinary Medicine;

at National Healthcare Weekend on the 24th and 25th March taking place in London, Cardiff, and Birmingham: 8 conferences on different specialities on the same day!

Please note that these events are filling quickly!

It is a highly valuable opportunity for students to network with a variety of healthcare professions, learn about work experience opportunities and how to make a successful application.

Registration is £25 for students on the Saturday conferences and there is an optional UCAS lecture available on Sunday for each speciality. 

Students can register on the Medic Mentor website and find out more about the events here.

All proceeds are used to support healthcare students with scholarships, elective bursaries, free training and educational initiatives.

Teachers can attend for free, as well as students from low-income backgrounds. 

Airline Pilot Training
Is being a commercial Airline Pilot the career for you? Find out at APT on Saturday 3rd February 2018, 10:00 - 15:00 at Stratford Girls’ Grammar School, Shottery Rd, Stratford-upon-Avon.  Click here for more information.

To book your free ticket visit:

Cambridge Coding Academy
Due to the growing demand for our innovative curriculum, we are now offering Easter residential courses (as well as our summer schools) in Cambridge. Whether you are an eager novice, alumnus committed to honing your craft, a Computer Science graduate looking to impart your wisdom, or a teacher searching for an innovative project-based coding curriculum to facilitate, Cambridge Coding Academy would love to hear from you. Cambridge Coding Academy Prospectus

Oxford Uni subject taster days -
We have details of some taster days at the University of Oxford, including subject specific taster days at University College. For details of the Univ Subject Study Days click here

Break into Tech
The Guardian, supported by PWC, have released the 2017 edition of their “Break into Tech” articles. This year’s edition includes articles on cybersecurity, how to switch from literature to programming, and the popularity of the renewable energy industry.
Break into Tech

Cyber Security
Do you or anyone you know like solving puzzles? If so then a career as a code breaker or Cryptologist could be just the thing.
Increasingly offered as an apprenticeship or sponsored degree, GCHQ have released details of their Cyberfirst cyber security bursary and apprenticeship schemes suitable for students with 3 A levels at grade B or above. This may be useful if you have an interest in computer science, and you want to study a STEM subject at university. Click here for more information