District Board

Banbury District Board
Central Management Team Attendees
Steve Kenning Co-Founder and Managing Director
Paula Kenning Co-Founder and Deputy Managing Director
John Reece Head of HR
Fokuo Achamfour-Yeboah Director of Finance 
Academy Principals and Chair of LABs
Sylvia Thomas Principal of Banbury Aspirations Campus
(Wykham Park Academy and Space Studio Banbury)
Rebecca Mileham Chair of Banbury Aspirations Campus LAB
Alex Pearson Executive Principal, Harriers Banbury Academy and Dashwood Banbury Academy
Jo Agate Principal of Harriers Banbury Academy
Tracey Owen Chair of Harriers Banbury Academy LAB
Amy Rogers Principal of Dashwood Banbury Academy
Kevin Noble Chair of Dashwood Banbury Academy LAB
Additional Attendees
Liz Fisher Banbury District Facilities Manager
Jennifer Morrison Executive Assistant
Penny Parkin Clerk to Banbury Aspirations Campus LAB